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480 Area Code Arizona

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Area code 480 is a central Arizona area code that mainly covers the areas to the East of Phoenix

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Areas are covered by the 480 area code in the US

It was introduced in 1991 and was created on April 1, 1999 first created in a three-way split of area code 602. Below given the major cities in 480 area code. Phoenix

Some reputed and big cities in this area

The outstanding facilities have made these cities extremely helpful for different businesses.

How good is 480 for expanding your business

Rea state, manufacturing, healthcare and retail businesses are the best industries in the 480 area. There are innumerable businesses that are doing their business in the area.
State of Arizona
Wal-Mart Stores
Banner Health
City of Phoenix
Wells Fargo
Bank of America

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Mycontry Mobile has been gaining fastest speed among hundreds of companies day by day because of our quality services. Buy a virtual phone number for our businesses from us and enjoy quality audio service calling for unlimited times.

Free features that come with the phone number

We have multiple free features which can make your business more comfortable.

You will get the facilities like

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Free cloud PBX

Call forwarding

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Who should choose these phone numbers?

Choose us if you already have a business and need to call the customers and suppliers all the time.

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What if you stay with the legacy phone system
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